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SRP's Guide to Designing Layered Mandalas in Adobe Illustrator - PRINTED HARD COPY + Bonus PDF (Digital Download)

Sweet Red Poppy

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This is our brand new SRP Guide to Designing Layered Mandalas in Adobe Illustrator as a PRINTED HARD COPY

***This is the PRINTED VERSION, but as a BONUS you ALSO get the digital download version!***

Have you seen the beautiful layered Mandalas all over social media and ever wondered how to design one? Have you dabbled in Adobe Illustrator and really wanted to expand your abilities and create something new? Well this is the guide for you! I will help you make your wonderful Mandala ideas a reality with my NEW Guide to Designing Layered Mandalas in Adobe Illustrator. Learn to make shapes, create layers, and group them all together to make a beautiful project to cut on your Cricut machine! Let's get started!

What is included in this Printed Book?

  • A printed version of Sweet Red Poppy’s Guide to Designing Layered Mandalas in Adobe Illustrator
  • Instant PDF download for you to print or view electronically
  • 10 in-depth  chapters specific to Inkscape
  • 80 pages of information, printables, and instructions
  • BONUS Workbook for extra practice
  • BONUS Illustrator design files
  • Master the art of designing Mandalas
  • Printable Adobe Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts pages
  • Tips and tricks from the expert!
  • Periodic free updates to the digital version are included

Master the art of designing layered Mandalas with Sweet Red Poppy and this unlimited access guide!

Chapters Include:

  • What is Inkscape?
  • Inkscape Workspace
  • Using the Shape Tools
  • Modifying Shapes
  • Using the Rotate Copies Effect
  • Creating the First Layer
  • Creating Multiple Layers
  • Finalizing the Layers
  • Making Mandalas into Shapes
  • Saving your Design
  • BONUS Keyboard Shortcuts
  • BONUS Design Files
  • BONUS Practice Workbook

    This Printed Hard Copy is printed and bound professionally by Lulu, a print-on-demand company. This book is 80 pages and formatted for printing. It’s a premium color book (8½ x 11) with high-quality paper and a glossy finish for the front and back cover. It’s finalized with a spiral (coil) binding. 

    You ALSO get our digital version of this book as a BONUS! We want to include everyone in our updates so when we make changes to the E-Book (digital version), you will get automatically notified just like everyone else. NOTE: Once you buy the printed version, we do not send out future book updates in printed format, only digital. You are welcome to buy the entire printed version again when we add pages for an update, but this listing is only for a printed copy at this moment in time. It does not include future printed updates. 

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    ***This is the PRINTED VERSION, but as a BONUS you ALSO get the digital download version!***